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Adobe® Flash® Player support

Flash content can now be played on your eCAFÉ, thanks to a free system update (including the Flash 10.2 plug-in and the Firefox 7 Web browser for eCAFÉ).

- Launch the "Update Manager" on your eCAFÉ.
- Install all of the available updates, and then restart your netbook.

Download the tutorial here:

>in French
>in English
>in German
>in Italian
>in Spanish
>in Dutch
>in Portuguese

Please note: You will enjoy the best performance with Flash content using the Firefox Web browser, included in this update.
The tutorial available above explains how to easily transfer your website bookmarks from Chromium to Firefox, and how to use Firefox as your default Web browser.



Adobe, Flash and the Flash logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.


Hercules eCAFÉ™ App Center

The software that lets you manage your eCAFÉ applications is now available!


- Download and install Hercules eCAFÉTM App Center on your eCAFÉ to access all of the new free applications available. Use eCAFÉ App Center to easily manage all of your applications (install/uninstall).

> On your eCAFÉ, go to the eCAFÉ App Center page to download the software.



Hercules eCAFÉ™ Sync

How to install and use Hercules eCAFÉtm Sync


- Download and install Hercules eCAFÉtm Sync on your computer, following the instructions displayed onscreen:

On Windows XP SP2 / Vista / 7

On Debian ou Ubuntu

On Mandriva

On Mac



- Download the tutorial:

in French

in English

in German

In Italian

in Spanish

in Dutch

in Portuguese


- Click on the Hercules eCAFÉtm Sync icon on the eCAFÉtm Desktop to launch the application.




Restoring the eCAFÉ™ Edition Netbook operating system


You can restore your eCAFÉ Slim HD or eCAFÉ EX HD's operating system with the factory-installed software by following the instructions provided in the following FAQ: System restore (instructions).


To do so, you must download the software tool required to create the boot SD card and the complete system image, available here: (1.7GB)